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22 October 2019Zaha Hadid - Architectural Superstar
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25 February 2020Prague - The City of the Winter Queen
24 March 2020Deceiving the Eye - Trompe l'oeil Paintings
28 April 2020From Elizabeth to Elizabeth - Five Centuries of British Art

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Zaha Hadid - Architectural Superstar Colin Davies Tuesday 22 October 2019

Zaha Hadid died on March 31st 2016 aged 65.  Architectural historians of the future will surely recognise her as one of the most important architects of the early 21st century. She was born in Iraq and her reputation was global, but she made Britain her home. This lecture tells the story of her career from the visionary projects of the 1980s, through the years of frustration when her designs were considered unbuildable, to the prolific crop of successful projects built all over the world in the last decade of her life.

Colin is a Professor of Architectural Theory.  He is the former editor of Architects Journal and contributor to magazines worldwide.  His books are entitled Thinking About Architecture, Key Houses of the Twentieth Century, The Prefab Home, High Tech Architecture and has monographs on the work of Foster, Hopkins and Grimshaw.