In 2016-2017 we have been involved in four activities:

 1. Art project Riddledown Collegiate

First of all, for the fourth year running, we organised a three-day course at Riddlesdown Collegiate this summer. The school and the students do seem to value greatly what we have been offering the Year 9 art students. We have now fixed 6/7/8 June 2018 as our dates for June 2018.

 2. Funding a talented student on a week’s course

This summer we did something we have never done before but something that is much encouraged by the GLA: i.e. we in Sanderstead part funded with the GLA for a talented A-level student at Riddlesdown Collegiate to attend a week’s course at the Art Academy near London Bridge. The student’s work had been given the prestigious award of being selected for the Royal Academy 16-18 summer online exhibition.  She found the week to be “fantastic” and has said that she cannot thank us enough for the opportunity we gave her before she starts her final year of A level studies.

 3. Gilbert Scott Primary School

Whilst we take a pride in our work at Riddlesdown three Art Society, Sanderstead members were very pleased in February to arrange an Art Day at a new school: i.e. Gilbert Scott Primary School in South Croydon. The staff and children were all very appreciative of what one governor described as “an exceptional day. ”  We hope in 2017-18 to be able go to another school that we have not been to before.

 4. A GLA project

The projects with Ben Senior have now led to a two year long extension of Youth Arts activities at Riddlesdown which will be funded solely by the Greater London Area and run by the Chair of the GLA. This new project is not directly part of our Sanderstead Young Arts programme, but we, as a local society, are involved in organising and supporting it.

The title of the GLA project is “Art and Authoritarianism.” It aims at enhancing learning in history and demonstrates the vitality of the arts in education. This term three Arts Society lecturers will come to Riddlesdown in order to use their expertise to interest and inform the students and the first one took place on Monday 25th September. Each lecture will then cascade with opportunities for older students to develop their leadership abilities and master subject skills by working with younger pupils in little groups. Members of The Art Society, Sanderstead are invited to attend  the other two lectures booked for  this term and should see Moira Bamfield for further details.

In conclusion: we are building on what we have already achieved, but are also aiming to extend our activities to help youngsters in varied ways and from different schools.