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11 February 2020A Mandarin at the Chinese Imperial Court - Insignia and Costume of Power. A Ladder to the Clouds
12 November 2019 The Shakers: Their Beliefs, Architecture and Artefacts
12 February 2019From Restoration to Reformation - Theatre from Charles II to David Garrick
13 November 2018Signs and Symbols - The Hidden Messages in Paintings
06 February 2018Treasures of the Black Tent - Antique Tribal Rugs and Dowry Weavings of the Persian and Central Asian Nomads
07 November 2017The Glasgow Girls Women in Art and Design 1890-1920
07 February 2017The Decorative Arts of the Islamic World
08 November 2016Opera and Design
09 February 2016Making Colour, weaving life
10 November 2015Sicilian Splendours: from Greece to the Normans
10 February 2015Exploring Venice 10.30 am to 3.00 pm (including a light lunch)
11 November 2014A Crisis of Brilliance: Young British Artists 1908 to 1919 10.30 am to 3.00 pm (including sandwich lunch)
11 February 2014Romanticism and the Cult of the Individual
12 November 2013The Paintings Conservation Roadshow
12 February 2013Don Giovanni ‐ The Impossible Opera
13 November 2012Sir Christopher Wren and the English Baroque

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A Mandarin at the Chinese Imperial Court - Insignia and Costume of Power. A Ladder to the Clouds David Rosier Tuesday 11 February 2020

This Special Interest Day looks at the fascinating process by which young boys were selected and sponsored to take the Imperial Examinations with the objective of eventually being appointed as a Civil Official in the Court and Government of the Chinese Emperor. Consideration will be given to the highly complex system of regulated insignia and costume that officials had to adhere to whilst conducting their duties.

David Rosier, our speaker lived in Asia for more than 25 years and whilst living in Hong Kong, he assembled a collection of more than 700 predominantly Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), Imperial and related textiles and costume accessories.

Tickets for this Special Interest Day, to include a light lunch, will be on sale from 9-30 a.m. at the November 2019 and January 2020 lecture meetings.